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C. V. Architetcural Manufacturing Supplies Glenn Furniture Group USA.

Glenn Furniture manufactures and sells custom wood furniture, wood crafts, wood carvings, Teak outdoor furniture, boats, pergola, gazebos, doors, windows, shutters, modular housing and much more. Plainly put WE BUILD ALL THINGS WOOD, CUSTOM.

Our greatest master piece creation yet. This custom design home bar was designed for Essex House CBS in Tulsa Oklahoma.


Home Bar Home Bar


Custom Made Dining Table 10 Seat Hand Carved From Teak Wood - Leather Dining Chairs

Comments From Client
"I am in tears with joy.  This truly was my dream to have a set like this for the last 20 years"

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Imagine sketching out your own furniture design and bringing it to life.
Our furniture goes beyond traditional designs, our clients say it best "It Is Works Of Art".





At Glenn Furniture we are always looking for better ways to communicate with our clients. We like for you to feel as if you are part of our team with every purchase.

To enquire about any custom made wood product send us an email to glennfurniture@gmail.com

In the pursuit of meeting our goals of client satisfaction we are in the process of creating a network of websites for all our products. We have 100 artisans and designers that can make anything from wood. To make it easier for our clients each website is being set up to provide as much information about the product you are interested in.

C. V. Architectural Manufacturing Maker Of Fine Furniture

For Glenn Furniture Group, Custom Made Furniture and Art

Glenn Furniture Manufactures custom handmade designer furniture from real wood - Teak, Mahogany, Beech and Pine woods. Glenn Furniture only produces high end quality wood furniture, but not expensive. Our goal is to make it so you can buy a masterpiece artistic custom original design at an affordable price. Our clients have found that our unique creations are more than a piece of furniture. Each piece is hand crafted by an artist for our clients lifestyle and home decor. The wood furniture we build is hand carved to any style you like from Italian, American, French, Tuscany, Old World, Exotic, Rustic, Modern and many more styles. We build reproductions of famous furniture designs with museum quality to detail. By request our signature pieces can be produced as exclusive one of a kind designs. Glenn Furniture furniture is an investment value of stylish art furniture perfect for the most luxurious homes decor.

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